Beth Kendrick, MA, Art and Play therapy

I invite children, adolescents and adults who are struggling to utilize a variety of art materials and play to creatively find their own path to well-being. By expressing and exploring their feelings and concerns, I support my clients to give color and form to their inner voice and to befriend and encourage their own potential. My clients can work with or without prior art knowledge to overcome anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, social concerns, grief and life transitions. Through the power of creative engagement, I’ll support you to find yourself and make the changes needed to feel better.

My practice of Art and Play Therapy invites you to engage your natural creativity to establish paths to well-being. Children discover the world by engaging imaginative play and creative exploration. My practice embraces these processes, providing the foundation to move through difficulties toward growth and a more satisfying life.

I provide the supportive relationship that can open the door to finding voice and possibility through self-expression. The positive and creative space allows my client’s potential, strengths and personal power to blossom in order to make the changes needed to feel better and live a more fulfilling life.

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  • Supervisor Name:Nicole Krotenger, LCMHC
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