Our Services

Hannah’s House promotes mental health by three key service strategies: access, education, and alternative therapies. 

Access to quality mental health care is ensured by providing mental health supports close to home and financial support for counseling for those in need of assistance. Hannah’s House provides office space for affiliated counselors in Waitsfield and Waterbury, Vermont and in turn the therapists donate time to Hannah’s House for consultations and community outreach.



Education is a vital component for helping to reduce the stigma isolation those with mental illness or their caregivers, for providing tools of prevention for families and for providing resources and understanding. Hannah’s House partners with local schools and organizations to help sponsor parenting workshops, assemblies and presentations.

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Alternative Therapies including on-site Neurofeedback brain training, art therapy, equine therapy, meditation, yoga and eating disorder clinics. Hannah’s House has provided scholarships and referrals for adjunct therapies including EQnimity in Waitsfield, Vermont and the Cambridge Eating Disorder clinic. We have sponsored meditation workshops for students, teachers and parents, and yoga classes at local junior high and high schools.



Types of Psychotherapies

Our  affiliated psychotherapists offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities employing traditional psychotherapy, DBT, Bowen Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy, and Drug and Alcohol Counseling.

For more information about Bowen Family systems, click here.

For more information about Narrative therapy, click here.